Supreme Selections Ilex 16 oktober 2020

Supreme Selections Ilex Aarlanderveen

Supreme Selections Ilex Nieuwkoop

Supreme Selections Ilex Grower Aarlanderveen

We have been growing Ilex here since 2002.

Roy Mouris: «I am Nico’s son. I’ve been working here from an early age and we hope to make this beautiful Ilex for many years to come.»

Supreme Selections Ilex Grower Nieuwkoop

Did you know that Nieuwkoop has chicken walking between the shrubs as natural biocontrol?

X-Mas posters


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Amaryllis Catalogue

amaryllis catalogus

In this Amaryllis Catalogue, you will find a complete overview of cultivars that are being auctioned and supplied by the Royal FloraHolland Amaryllis suppliers during the 2020-2021 Amaryllis season.

In addition to the assortment, the catalogue also contains plenty of general information about Amaryllis such as origin, care and presentation tips.

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