Winter and Día de Muertos 23 oktober 2020

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Día de Muertos Inspiration

Dia de Muertos Flower Crown DIY guide

Originating from Mexico, Dia de los Muertos (also known as Day of the Dead), is a celebration honouring loved ones that have passed on to the next world. It’s the coming together of the dead and the living. Dia de los Muertos has become very popular around the world. To mark the occasion, people adorn themselves in beautiful, symbolic flowers and paint their faces as calaveras, which are ornate skull designs. It’s common to see revellers with only half of their faces painted to represent life and death coming together.

This crown was made using: Hydrangeas, Carnations, Helichrysum, Heather, and Astrantia.

Source: Funny How Flowers Do That

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