X-Mas Week, New- and Seasonal flowers 4 november 2020

X-Mas Week
9 - 13 November

Time Saving X-Mas Bouquets

time saving x-mas green bouquets

Time saver bouquets

These bouquets are real time savers!
Buy the green bouquet from us and add a few flowers yourself.
Ready within minutes!

The basis lasts at least three weeks, so tell your customers to come back every week to buy new fresh flowers!
Tip 1: ask your customer what his/her favorite flower is and add this to the green bouquet.
Tip 2: Give them a voucher for a little discount in the coming weeks.

In Friday’s Lexclusive more about these bouquets.

Hassan will show you how to create your bouquets in no time!

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New Flowers

Seasonal Flowers