Time Saving X-Mas Bouquets and X-Mas Week 6 november 2020

Time saving X-Mas bouquets


From green to colourful.

Add flowers and decoration picks in your own style.

X-Mas Green Bouquets

These bouquets are available from 7 to 30 November.
Find them in the Christmas list in our webshop, or ask your account manager.

Please order large quantities (100 buckets or more) one week in advance.
Contact your account manager about the details.

X-Mas Week
2 - 6 November


Greenhouse visits: 11 x enthusiasm!

Because there is no Trade Fair this week, eleven of our enthusiastic growers, take you into their greenhouse. Check out all the beauty in this 8 minute video, it’s worth your time!

Dutch lily

Dutch Lily Masters

New name for Lily growers

On Monday November 9 the Lily growers Paauw, Imanse en Dutch Lilies will join forces. They continue under the new name Dutch Lily Masters. Read more on their website: dutchlilymasters.nl