Supreme Selections Amaryllis 27 november 2020

J.W. Knoppert Supreme Selections Amaryllis grower

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Here you can really see how important the quality of the bulb is for a good flower!

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Supreme Selections Amaryllis Week
30 November - 4 December

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365 Days of Flowers magazine


The non-auction days in 2020

Christmas: Friday 25 December
New Year’s eve: Thursday 31 December
New Year’s day: Friday 1 January 2021

The flower autions and Hilverda De Boer are closed on these days.

Amaryllis Catalogue

In this Amaryllis Catalogue, you will find a complete overview of cultivars that are being auctioned and supplied by the Royal FloraHolland Amaryllis suppliers during the 2020-2021 Amaryllis season.

In addition to the assortment, the catalogue also contains plenty of general information about Amaryllis such as origin, care and presentation tips.