New Flowers, Seasonal flowers and Plant Design 2 februar 2022

New Flowers

Seasonal Flowers

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Introducing: Plant Design

Master classes

As there are so many different ways to design plant-first, and also because we can never get enough inspiration, let us present the Plant Design Masters comming weeks.

We will start next Friday with Alexis Tricoire. He will show you in his masterclass ‘working with heights’ how to make the most of your space by hanging plants at height.

Pictures by: Sentinel

Everything you need to know about this green interiors trend

Get to know a new trend in interior design: Plant Design. With Plant Design, plants play the leading role. We call this furnishing Plant First. And a green interior like this not only looks good, but is also better for your health, mood and more.

Plant Design is the art and science of improving interiors by means of a living design object (that is, a plant!). The aim of Plant Design is to create a healthier and more beautiful living environment with plants as the baseline.