Bouvardia Week, Outdoor Grasses & New/Seasonal Flowers 2 juni 2022

Bouvardia Week, 7 - 10 June


Outdoor Grasses

Beautiful natural colours, great diversity and a calming appearance. That is exactly what grasses have to offer! Leading contemporary garden architects make extensive use of ornamental grasses.

Grasses need little care and usually do well in a light to half-shadowed spot. Fertilizing is usually not necessary and neither is extra watering, unless you plant the grass in summer.

Do you put your grasses in a pot? Then make a hole at the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to drain away, or place a layer of clay granules at the bottom of the pot.

More info? https://www.thejoyofplants.co.uk/outdoor-grasses

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New Flowers

Seasonal Flowers